Midlands Flying School


We are an accredited flight training school with Recreational Aviation Australia (RA-Aus) situated in the midlands of Tasmania 6 kms from Tunbridge township, operating from the WWII Tunbridge airstrip.

Tunbridge WWII airstrip 14/32

Tunbridge WWII airstrip 14/32

Our services include flight training for beginners to experienced pilots, assessment for the Biennial Flight Review (BFR) which every qualified pilot must pass, and a wide range of endorsements for RA-Aus aircraft including carrying passengers, cross country navigation and tail wheel aircraft plus many more.

Andrew Gyenge, the Owner, Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) and Examiner has over 30 years experience in aviation having flown a wide variety of aircraft including General Aviation, Commercial Aviation, float planes, helicopters and just about every variety of recreational aircraft operated under RA-Aus.

Andrew is also an accredited aircraft repairer L2 with workshop facilities at the flying school.

The Midlands area of Tasmania is a spectacular place to fly from with the east coast and central highland lakes a short flight away from Tunbridge. It is the perfect place for learning to fly and with no near neighbors, no one to disturb as you hone your flying skills under expert tuition.


Jabiru J120

The school has ideal facilities for flying or driving in for a cuppa and a chat, please contact Andrew on 0408131587 or email: wideblueyonder@hotmail.com


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