Learn to Fly

Student Conrad aged 16 yrs with Instructor Andrew

Student Conrad aged 16 yrs with Instructor Andrew

The Midlands Flying School is an approved flight training centre for recreational aircraft under Recreational Aviation Australia. Chief Flying Instructor and Pilot Examiner is Andrew Gyenge, a highly experienced pilot and instructor whose career spanning over 30 years includes flying general aviation aircraft, weight shift, float planes, helicopters and a wide variety of RA-Aus aircraft.

The Flying School offers theory and flying instruction in a modern Jabiru J120 aircraft from beginners to advanced levels including radio procedures, cross country navigation, basic aeronautical knowledge, tail dragger and all requirements of the RA-Aus syllabus.

We will come to an airfield near you for training by arrangement or instruct in your own aircraft.

Trial Introductory Flights (TIF) and Gift Vouchers to experience the thrill of aviation are available.

For an appointment or enquiries please call Andrew on 0408 131 587 Email: wideblueyonder@hotmail.com.


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