Aircraft for Sale (Tas)

Thruster Rotax 582

Thruster  582 65hp Rotax

Two seater ultralight cruise 55kts, great short field performance

Thruster 582
Contact Terry Cousens: 0412922992

Zenith CH-750 Continental 100hp 2 seats, cruise 95 kts (as new)
Attila Kazi 0363771208

Lightwing GR912

Lightwing GR 912 80hp Rotax, 2 seats, cruise 75 kts
Contact Rob Easther 0419337169

Zenith CH-601 Rotax power 80 hp, 2 seats, cruise 75kts
Contact Lawrie Barton-Johnson 0404489576


Smaller scale of the legendary PA-18 Super Cub

Supa Pup Rotax 503
Gary Dukes 0400709801

Trailer available for easy transport with wings removed.


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